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“A book that will change your life.”
“Fantastic book. He inspired me to take my Jiu Jitsu to the next level”
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“It is as damn funny read and I laughed my ass off on several occasions.”
“Makes me want to train at gyms around the world”
“This book is a manifesto.”
“The writing was top notch and the story telling brilliant.”
“This book will inspire you to take a long, hard look at your life and ask yourself: ‘Am I living my life to the fullest?’”
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“Incredibly inspiring, fascinating accounts!”
“Christian is a natural storyteller and this is a must read for anyone who trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or just enjoys a good travel story
“Would recommend this book to everybody and not just Jiu Jitsu practitioners. What this guy did is amazing!”
“Very thought provoking read. […] Very honest and unpretentious. The final wrap up is particularly well written.”
“This book single handedly inspired my own travels to train around the world.”
“If you love Jiu Jitsu and its lifestyle, you will enjoy this book!”
“Incredibly inspiring, fascinating accounts! The author writes very well, encompasses the emotional as well as the physical aspects of travel.”
“A book that has changed my life”
“If there is one book you should consider buying this year this is it.”
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“Makes me want to train every day.”
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“Very honestly written, with a lot of great stories. Makes me want to travel more, and train more!”
“Excellent, captivating.”
“Outstanding and inspirational book”
“I don’t care if you do or don’t do BJJ, this is a life lesson, if you do two things this year make one of them reading this”
“Such a pure story of the love of a sport.”
“Well worth your time.”
“The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter is truly a must read for anyone studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or, for that matter, anyone who has a dream but allows their responsibilities to hold them back.”
“Very thought provoking read.”
“Inspiring read for anyone who loves Jiu Jitsu!!!”
“This is a must have for anyone who loves BJJ and plans on competing and possibly training in other parts of the world!”
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“If you have just the slightest idea about what Brazilian jiu-jitsu is, then you MUST read this book.”
“I’ve never envied anyone as much as I envy Christian for this round-the-world adventure, as I’m sure you will too.”
“This book is a symbol of every practitioners dream of traveling around the world and rolling with new people.”
“Christian takes us an amazing journey around the world.”
“A great Jiu Jitsu travel story”
“Unique and raw, it is both touching and entertaining!”
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“Engaging, Inspirational Story from One of the Most Down to Earth People in the Sport”
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“I liked the fact the author didn’t target the more famous dojos and instead sought out remote and obscure gyms to train and learn.”
“Christian is funny, insightful, and honest!”
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“Great book and must read for all BJJ practitioners.”
“It’s a story of personal growth through travel, of seizing the day and breaking out of the traditional patterns of society, in order to pursue one’s dreams.”
“The number one book I have read this year”
“Very impressive book.”
“Christian really strips away any ego and paints a very candid picture of himself is as a person all the while while enjoying an amazing round-the-world trip training the art he loves.”
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